About Us - The Listen Stupid Family

Listen Stupid

The Story

Bullies.  I realized, very early-on in life, I did not like bullies.  Selfish people who spend their time putting down other people in hopes of gaining self-empowerment.  Rude people who prey on those who they deem "weak."  Ignorant people who spend their time "taking" instead of "giving."  To those people, I say...

Listen Stupid.

-Mr. Anderson

Listen Stupid

The Result

We launched Listen Stupid as an all-encompassing entertainment venture giving everyone the opportunity show unity and fight back against people who try to steal your shine.

So what do we do?

We are an apparel company.  (ListenStupidGear.com)

We are an audio production company.  (ListenStupidMusic.com)

We are a gaming company.  (ListenStupidGaming)

and we are kinda hip too.